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Pressure Washing
Steam Cleaning

Buildings, Sidewalks, Patios, Parking Lots, Entrances and Exits, Trash Enclosures, Trash Chutes and Awnings.

office services

A clean office helps promote a healthy, productive work environment.

Pressure Tech is (CWA) Clean Water Act Compliant! All our equipment is state of the art commercial grade. Our steam cleaning equipment has certified water extraction systems. We use the most advanced enviromentally safe cleaning products on the market. When it comes our drains and beaches, we take all the necessary  steps to contain and properly dispose of our waste water.


1927 Harbor Blvd Suite A372 Costa Mesa CA 926267

​Why Pressure Tech?

guaranteed quality house cleaning services

are you ready to experience clean?

window cleaning

3 Story buildings
Weekly, monthly and quarterly service plans, Deionized water
Hand cleaning, Awning cleaning!

We Work And Live By The Beach

  • Years of experience
  • Owner opperated
  • Friendly with tenants
  • Professional communication

Removal Of

Waste, Gum, Graffiti, OIl, Algae, Pollution Stains, Bird Droppings and Rust

  • Real time property reports
  • All employees have cameras
  • We communicate with our staff daily